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Rules for setting shoes and clothes


Your style never be complete without a suitable shoes, so it is not important that you want to go where, the shoes will complete your style and is the most important part of your style too. Tips For Shoes And Clothes Set

Choose the natural color

The basic rules of choosing the shoes is to choose the natural colors. They can always complete your style and be modern for always. The new trends say that choose the color that is base on your skin color and your leg forms to show your leg longer.

The black high heels shoes always make you attractive, and let you to be in center of attraction. Tips For Shoes And Clothes Set

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngComplete your style with shoes

It is easy that always set the artful shoes with simple clothes, and use the simple shoes with accessories and designed clothes. It is enough to stand near the mirror and ask your self that which part of your body is more attractive. And set your other part with simple design.

The colorful shoes are the best way to make your style so good and fresh.

Which shoes for which time?

It is not important that your shoes are how much comfortable or beautiful, if they are not match to your style, forget them. It is not good to wear a very colorful and artificial high heel shoes in work. And is not good to go a evening formal party with your Adidas sneakers. Also some times combination of some styles will give you a good style.

Have some risk in your usual style and mix the jeans with high heels sandals. All the women should have some styles for herself and use them in different situation.

Some colors are set

As we say that the black shoes are set with all clothes. And all the women like this color because of this. And the colorful shoes can make your style so colorful and fresh. It is enough to know some usual rules.


Black shoes

We can set all clothes with black shoes, some how we can not set this color with some gray or pastel color clothes. If one of your clothes part is black, you can use this shoes.

Brown shoes

The orange, green, brown, cream, are good with this color shoes.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngThe light brown shoes

You can set this color with blue, white, beige….

Mousse and cream shoes

The white and cream and pastel clothes are set with this color shoes.

White shoes

The light colors and pastel and natural colors are the best choice for this color shoes to set.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngThe silver shoes

The white, black, purple, and pastel colors can be set with this color shoes. And give you a modern style.

Gray shoes

Black, blue, red, gray, or yellow colors are some colors that can be set with gray color shoes.

Gold shoes

The clothes with green, brown, are some good colors to set with gold color shoes. And it can be so good with white and black colors.  Tips For Shoes And Clothes Set


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