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10 makeup mistakes you should not to do


Tips For Makeup Mistakes ,The art of using cosmetics is like a science, although you do it to make beautiful, but doing things makes it all the opposite. Prevention of a series of exotic formations is necessary to look beautiful. Makeup is something that has a lot of influence on your face. But you might make a series of mistakes that make your makeup ugly. Tips For Makeup Mistakes


  1. Select foundation shade according to your skin tone

It is very important to choose a color that touches the skin of your face and color it with your skin.


  1. Hide the shiny parts of the skin

You will actually highlight it instead of covering the areas you want to hide.


  1. Avoid over-application of blush

You may want to look like a snow white with red cheeks but you need to prevent too much blush.


  1. Excessive use of light powder

Using of light powder can cause wrinkles on the skin.


  1. Exaggerated eyebrows

The thick eyebrows may make some people attractive when natural, but making thick eyebrows giving fake eyebrows to you that gives an artificial expression to the faces of the people.


  1. Bronze you face with bad shadows

Bronzing your face and setting it with a pink shadow, give you a dirty look.


  1. Greasing your greasy skin before makeup.

If you have a shiny skin never greasing it before applying the powder cream.


  1. Flaking the dry skin

Those who have dry skin and suffering from the flaking need to use moisturizing lotion on your skin before using a powder cream.


  1. The shadow of a few colors.

It may be fun to try, but don’t use more than three colors on your eyelids.


  1. A darker lip line than the lipstick.

Never use a darker linear color than lipstick color unless you want your lips to be larger than they are. Tips For Makeup Mistakes

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