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Important points to freeze food


Freeze food is an easy and fast way to keep foods in your home. We can keep our foods in the plastic dishes or plastic covers. The correct keeping will help you to keep them and use them in high quality again. Key Things To Know About Freezing

Chemical changes during freezing

Fruits and vegetables are faced to some chemical changes after a little time, and they will be corrupt at last. The tastes and color and nutrients will be changes after a time. So they should be freeze until they are fresh. So the enzyme will be deactivate and not be corrupt.



Changing texture of foods in freezing

90% lots of fruits and vegetables are made by water. This water and other chemical materials, are in cells and texture. When the foods freeze and their water freeze too, their mass will increase and the ice will goes out. So when their freeze melt, their texture are more soft. We will see this in beans and peas or corn less.

Danger of putting the hot food in freeze

For keeping the hot foods so healthy, should wait to get them cold and after use freeze. The hot foods will reduce the freeze degree and make the foods hot and after some minutes, freeze again. It will change the food and taste. For making the food cold, put the food in a cold water bowl.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngFreeze burn

Zipped anti-moisture freeze bags can avoid the freeze burn. The air in the bags can make the foods damage and have stains too. the foods wont be melt, but it has not the before taste. Freeze the foods in small bags and they will freeze soon too.

Melt the freeze food

Using the refrigerator and microwave for melting is better. Count the suitable time for this process.it takes 5 hours for 5 kilos food. It is better to not have melting in the rooms. Key Things To Know About Freezing

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