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Wrong beliefs about physical fitness


There are many common misconceptions about sport and physical fitness that many people think are correct, well it is very useful for everyone to know these common misconception beliefs. If you want to avoid possible injuries that may occur during the exercise, stay with us. False Beliefs For Physical Fitness

Practice yoga does not harm your body

After the research, the University of Sydney scientists concluded that yoga’s mistakes could damage your body 10 times more than other sports. For example, people who felt pain in some parts of their body having more pain when compared to other sports.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngStretching before Exercise prevents injury

Some people believe that doing stretching exercises before the start of exercise prevents possible harm, while the belief is wrong. In fact, these movements may even have more damage. So, it is better to do some light cardio exercises before you start your body activity, so that your body warm and ready to move heavier, and transfer stretching time after the exercise.

With an empty stomach you lose weight easily

It must be thought that if you are exercising in an empty stomach, the body feeds on fats instead of food, but that belief is wrong. In fact, in this condition, the body helps the muscles as a power supply, resulting in less energy for the exercise, and ultimately the loss of body, headache, and hyperglycemia. Some experts even point to reducing the rate of metabolism. To prevent this, it is better to eat a light meal 90 minutes before exercise that is too easy to digest, so that you have the necessary energy for your body activity.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngSports devices are more secure than the weights

True, if you practice with sports devices, it’s no longer possible to drop the weights on yourself, but sports devices can damage your body too. In fact, these devices lead to chronic pain in joints by limiting the amplitude of motion. Therefore, it is best to ensure that any machine is correct before using any device.

Detoxes lead to lose weight

It may be slightly reduced by drinking detox your weight in the short – term, but it will slow down your metabolism in the long run, so, making it harder to reduce your weight. Moreover, this drink feeds on muscles, which are no doubt the will of no athletes. Be fat, who wants to crush his muscles and add to his fats? Therefore, with the long – term consumption of this material, not only does it fit your ideal form, but also risk your physical health. For long – term conclusions, it is better to line round this drink and reconsider the food you consume.

Sports counteract the negative effects of sitting

It has proven that the more time you sit your physical health is at greater risk. According to the reports, people who sit for more than 13 hours a day have less life expectancy than people sitting less than 11 hours. But don’t worry, because a simple move can take this risk away too much. For this purpose, get up and walk every 30 minutes. Otherwise, no sports can compensate for its negative effects.


You don’t need to rest your muscles

As we need sleep every night, our muscles also need rest. If you ever wondered how best to pull up your muscles, you would be wrong. You should leave a few days to relax your muscles during the week. Without adequate rest, exercise will bring the fatigue, the disorder of hormones and mental disorders. So one or two days it is necessary to rest your body after hard exercise. Of course, to keep your body active, you can do light exercises these days. False Beliefs For Physical Fitness

You can lose last night overeating at the gym. You must have come to compensate for your overeating guilt by going to the gym on the next day! But the fact is that you can’t get calories out of fast food and junk food, after you have eaten, because the calorie content of these materials is different. French fries for example, remain in your body longer than the salad. So, if you think about physical fitness, don’t let the overeating get used to you.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngExercise without pain has no use

You may think that while your body does not feel pain, your workout is ineffective, but you need to pay attention to your body’s pain and know the type of it. Some aches and others are bad. For example, if you feel pain in the soft tissues of your body, you can eliminate the pain with stretching. But frequent pains in joints, muscles, and ligaments are dangerous, and you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Yoga is useful for people with arthritis

You may think because yoga is light exercise it is appropriate for people who has arthritis but the fact is that people with this disease need to avoid doing motions that require balance, such as when they stand on one leg or stick their knees more than 90 degrees. At these times, it is better to get a help from a device such as a chair so as not to exert a lot of pressure on their bodies. False Beliefs For Physical Fitness

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(44).pngDrink plenty of water to prevent your body from overheating during the exercise

Those people who exercise are concerned that their bodies lack water shortages, they are constantly drinking water, but the problem is that too much water can be a problem. Indeed, when you drink a lot of water, the amount of sodium in your body decreases that this symptoms is similar to dehydrated symptoms: dizziness, headaches, nausea. To avoid this situation, listen to your body voice and drink when you feel thirsty.

Sports in the night disturb your sleep

It doesn’t matter when you exercise during the day, exercise improves your sleep quality in any circumstances. Experts have concluded that exercise affects body temperature, metabolism rate, and body anxiety levels, so just for this false belief that it will disturb your sleep don’t ignore your exercise.  False Beliefs For Physical Fitness

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