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Important mistakes of lip makeup


Our makeup wont be complete without lipstick, and if we don’t know the tips of correct lipstick, we will damage all our makeup. Lots of women think that having lipstick is easy, but it is not easy actually. Stop Making These Common Lipstick Mistakes

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngAvoid to have lip liner

If you like to not have lipstick in out of your lips, don’t forget the lip liner. Having lip liner cause to not be greasy on your lips. The points you should pay attention is to choose the best color of your lip liner. The best color is a color that is somehow darker than your lipstick. This will make your lips bigger.

Draw your lip liner higher than lips

Do you know what is worth than not having lip liner? The wrong lip liner. The lip liner can shows you more attractive but if you draw this incorrect, it will damage your makeup. Some women draw their lip liner higher than their lips to make their lips bigger, it will shows their face not natural. So you should rub concileur at first on your lips and then pickup your lip liner and draw on your around lips. If you want to make your lips bigger, rub highlighter on your down lip. Now you don’t need to have lip liner out of your lip. Stop Making These Common Lipstick Mistakes



Use lip gloss a lot

It is true that you can make your lips bigger by lip gloss, but if you use it a lot can damage your makeup. In addition of making lips bigger, lip gloss can fix your lipsticks too. but in this case you should use less too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngNo peeling

Some of the women use the lipstick or lip gloss to remove their dry lip skin, but it is completely false. Lipstick is not a good choice to eliminate the dry skin lips, and you should peeling before. For removing the dead cell skin, a moisture scrub is good.

Using dry lip stick

Pay attention to the dry or moisture of lipstick. Buy some lipsticks that are made by natural oils. Best of them are some made by coconut oils, mango or vitamin e.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngChoosing the wrong lipstick color

The lipstick color is related to your skin face. If you choose the wrong color, your face will be tired and in bad mood. Stop Making These Common Lipstick Mistakes

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