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Training on making cosmetic wipes


Making Homemade Cosmetic Wipes ,All of us know that the cosmetics wipes are so useful for us. You had a busy day and you are in your bed and suddenly you remember that you didn’t clean your makeup.  Maybe using the cosmetic wipes are a fake way, but you can rescue your selves by it. Fortunately we have a recipe to make the cosmetic wipes to save your money and time. Making Homemade Cosmetic Wipes

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngSomething that you need for making a cosmetics wipes:

Making Homemade Cosmetic Wipes


Microwave bowl


Coconut oil

Baby cleanser

A bowl with a strong door






Preparation steps of making cosmetics wipes

Mix  2 cups of water and 2 spoon of coconut oil and a little baby shampoo in microwave bowl. Put the bowl in microwave to make it warm for some seconds. And shake it.

Cut the additional tissues. Put the tissue in bowl and pour the cosmetics material on it. Close the bowl door and let to get wet. Wait 5 minutes.

Cut a x on your bowl and put the tissue out from there. Making Homemade Cosmetic Wipes

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