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How to make a natural lipstick at home

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngIngredients for making a natural lipstick:


10 gr wax

10 gr almond oil

Vitamin E

10 gr chocolate butter

10 gr jojoba oil

1 spoon of honey

Bowl for water bath

How To Make Homemade Lipstick



BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43)Preparation for natural lipstick


How To Make Homemade Lipstick

Melt all the materials except honey, then add honey and wait to melt all the materials and have a good dough.

You can add some drops of smelly oil (lavender, mint, orange).

Vitamin E is good for avoiding rot and honey is anti poison. Your bowl should not be directly o th fire, and should put your bowl on another bowl that is boiling.

To get hot and melt slowly.

You can make it colorful by adding some shadow powder to your mix.

How To Make Homemade Lipstick

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