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How to fill eyebrows empty?


Nowadays the slim eyebrow is not fashionable. So we can see lots of people in beauty salons for eyebrow extensions. And beautiful eyebrow will show you young and make your eyes bigger. How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngUse suitable products

•If you want to have line on your eyebrow, use eyebrow pencil. Pay attention that your pencil should be a little darker to show your eyes better and cover your eyebrow. Draw a line a little upper than your eyebrow to show them better. And erase the line with your hand at last.

•If your eyebrow are empty or slim, should use the eyebrow gel, to make your eyebrow big and better. It is better to use a gel in same color by your eyebrow color.

•If you have slim eyebrow, do tattoo by your idea and make your eyebrow bigger.

•Choose a best eyebrow color. If you don’t know to choose which color for your eyebrow, always choose the lighter color.

•Shaped your eyebrow by your face form

•The good makeup for eyes, makes your eyes so attractive. If your eyebrow tail be so down, will make your face sad.

•You can fill your eyebrow empty or wounds by an eyebrow pencils. But pay attention to use the color in all of your eyebrow to be natural.

•If your eyebrow is so short, design your eyebrow to make them longer. It is better to use eyebrow gel or pencil and shaped in good type. And use a fixator spray too.

•Someone who has black eyebrow, don’t use the black eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadow again. They should use the gray or dark brown color to be more natural. How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngUse some cosmetic tips for filling your eyebrow

1: rub the light crème or eye shadow under your eyebrows and rub by your fingers.

2: draw a line in the top of your eyebrow by a eyebrow pencil.

3: comb your eyebrow in top sides.

4: fill your empty parts of your eyebrow with eyebrow pencil.

5: fix your makeup and neat your eyebrow with a colorful mascara.



Eyebrow extension

The eyebrow extension is common after hair and eyelash extension nowadays. At first you should clean the skin of under the eyebrow and remove all the dead skin cell to keep the extension longer. There are some special glue that they put between your natural eyebrow and they will shape your eyebrow so good. It makes your eyebrow so natural and beautiful but it will last just for 2 weeks.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).png5 points for having good eyebrow

1: use moisture to have a good and fresh eyebrow.

2: don’t remove your eyebrow with tweezers. You should wait 6 months to grow again.

3: the food diet has effects in eyebrow too. some foods like zinc, omega3, vitamin c, fish, olive oils, mango are good for eyebrow.

4: scrub is important in this case too. comb your eyebrow twice or more in a week.

5: the eyebrow serum can be so helpful too.

How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

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