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How to be attractive without makeup?


Women wants to be so attractive by a heavy makeup, but we can be attractive without makeup too. all the people like to be good and attractive, we can make our clothes and style good or women use makeup too. but remember that a dark makeup doesn’t show you beautiful always. Great Ways To Be Attractive Without Makeup

Skin health

A healthy skin, is a part of beauty. So we should care it always.

1: clean your face every day

If you have a greasy skin, wash your face with mild soap every morning and nights. But if your skin is dry, just wash at nights.

Use your suitable skin cleanser. Wash your hands and after use cleanser. Rub the cleanser on your face for 10-15 minutes, and wash with warm water and dry with towel.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).png2: use toner

If you have greasy skin, you should use toner. Rub toner on a cotton and rub on your face except your under eyes. Avoid to use toner if you have dry skin, because its alcohol makes your skin more sensitive and dry.

3: scrub your face

Scrub your face one or two times in a week to remove all your dead skin layer of your face. And you will see your fresh skin under the dead skin layer. After you clean your face, use the scrub masks on your face and massage it. The greasy or normal skin should scrub twice a week, and sensitive and dry skin should done one time in week. Great Ways To Be Attractive Without Makeup

4: moisture your skin

Always use a moisture, after cleaning and scrub your face.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).png5: sleep enough

The enough sleep is necessary for your body and mind. And also it helps your appearance to be good. Women need to sleep 8 hours in a day usually. Enough sleep will avoid the dark circle of eyes. Try to go to bed in a default time to set your body hour and have a good sleep. Also your bedroom should be dark and have good degree.

6: don’t forget the sun block crème

Protect your skin from sun rays harms with sun block crème. Use moisture with sun block crème.


Neat appearance

1: pay attention to your eyebrow

Keep your appearance so good by cleaning your eyebrow and remove all additional hairs. Also pay attention to not make your eyebrow so slim. The slim eyebrow are not attractive. And always comb your eyebrow with the special brush.

2: pay attention to your lip skin

Rub oily crème and moisture to your lips every day. The layered lip skin will damage your appearance so much. Whenever you feel that your lip skin get dry, use the moisture and crème.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).png3: don’t forget your hair

Choose your suitable hair style base on your face, to show your beauty so more. Also cleaning and caring your hair is so important too. Wash your hair always, and if your hair is dry, use moisture shampoo. Some people should wash their hair every day, and some other should wash twice or 3 times in a week. The clean hair are bright and shiny. Great Ways To Be Attractive Without Makeup

4: Remember your nails

You are not forced to have nail polish to be good. You should clean your nails so good and make them in same size to be good.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).png5: wear suitable clothes

Be so care full in wearing clothes. Always should wear the clothes that are suitable of your body, and be comfortable in them. Those clothes will make you so more attractive.

Exercise and Nutrition

1: Eat healthy foods

You can have a good appearance by having a healthy diet and eat vegetables and foods, sea foods, meat, low fat dairies. Avoid fast foods as you can.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).png2: Reduce your salt and sugar

Reduce the salt and sugar in your meals as you can. Most of the weight gain or body problems are because of using sugar. And salt can make boating.

3: keep your body moisture

Avoid to keep your body dry. When your body is dry, your skin is so ugly. Drink water enough in a day and if you don’t like to drink water, you can add some drops of lemon juice in your water.

4: don’t forget the exercise

Have 5 times for exercise in a week. Exercise will keep your body blood flow better. The most easy exercise is to walk 30 minutes in a day. Also you can go to gym. Great Ways To Be Attractive Without Makeup

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