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How to raise the durability of hair color?


If you change your hair color recently, or you want to do it now, don’t be worry for your hair care after hair color. Because we are telling you to introduce some great points for after your hair color. Lots of us like to change our appearance, and we start by our hair. Easy Way To Extend The Life Of Hair Color

Why does hair get erased early?

We usually know all the tips for hair color, but we don’t know all the tips for after hair color always. There are some important points for after hair color that we should know. Also we like to keep our hair color long time and doesn’t erased so soon. So we are telling you some points for hair color.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngWash your hair after 3 days

When you colored your hair, try to not wash for 3 days. It is because when you wash your hair soon, you will remove your hair color. So when you color your hair in a beauty salon, let they wash your hair and dry.

Don’t wash your hair with warm water

All of us like to have bath with warm water. But it is not so good. It is better to wash your hair with cold water. You can use warm water sometimes, but avoid the hot water. The hot water will remove your hair color soon.

Use the free Sulphate shampoo

The sulphate shampoo will dry and broke your hair. So it is better to use the free sulphate shampoo to not remove your hair color soon. Pay attention in your shopping time to buy a good shampoo.


Avoid the heating devices

Using some devices that makes your hair hot, van damage your hair after hair color. And makes your hair dry too. so avoid to use heating devices so much.

Cut your hair regularly

It is suggested to cut your hair every 3 months. After hair color, your hair is ready to be broken. So cut your hair so regularly to avoid this.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(43).pngUsing hair masks

Hair color is a chemical process. After hair color your hair will lose protein. So is better to use hair mask to contain those proteins. You can make some good masks in your home too.

Protect your hair from sun rays

Sometimes the sun rays can damage your hair. And can remove and erase your hair color soon. To avoid this, is better to have a scarf or hat on your head to cover your hair. Easy Way To Extend The Life Of Hair Color

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