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The best eye shadow color for blue eyes


When we think about blue eyes, we should be care full, because a good eye shadow can make your eyes so beautiful. And if you choose a color that is not good base on your eyes, will shows your eyes ugly. The best color for blue eyes are the orange tonnage, like hot colors, copper, bronze. Also you should not be far from some cold colors like blue or gray, they will show your eyes so attractive. Tips Of Eye Shadow For Blue Eyes

1: natural eye shadow color

The natural eye shadow color like brown, is suitable for lots of situation like work, parties,.. it is enough to choose a color based on your skin tonnage. For example if your skin is cold tonnage, chose brighter and colder color, or if you have hot tonnage skin, use the hot and dark color for your shadow.

Base on your eye shadow color, you can choose your lip stick too. For example a red lip stick can complete your makeup. Tips Of Eye Shadow For Blue Eyes

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).png2: smoky eye shadow

Smoky eye shadow will not be old and it is suitable for all kind of eye types. Also we should be care full about black eye shadows for blue eyes. So mix the colors of beige, bronze, chocolate. And use black mascara. And use light and mild lipstick to make your eyes more attractive.

3: blue eye shadow

If you want to notice on your blue eyes, the blue eye shadow is the best choice. So pick up the blue eye shadow and rub on your under eyes and whole of your eyes too. If you want to be natural, you can use light blue color. For someone who likes to be fashionable, mx the blue color with gray.



4: purple eye shadow color

For someone who want to be in center of attraction, the purple eye shadow is the best choice. So you should choose the color in purple tonnage.

5: Pink eye shadow color

If you are searching for an eye shadow that increase your girlish, the pink color is a best choice. You should pay attention to choosing the color. Instead of Choosing the light and cold tonnage of pink, that shows your face tired, use the hot and dark tonnage of pink.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).png6: green eye shadow color

Choosing the green color for blue eyes is not an easy work for every ones. Because if you choose a color and it wont be good on your face and makes you ugly. Just you should pay attention to choosing a good color.

7: how to have eye shadow for blue eyes?

After choosing your color, should use it. Because your eye color is lighter than your eye shadow color, choose your makeup ,mild and light too. for starting, at first use a light Concealer on your eyes and then use your eye shadow. For your out of eyes, choose the dark color and choose light color for inside of your eyes. Make your eyes whole lighter by a highlighter.  Tips Of Eye Shadow For Blue Eyes

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foroghmovahedzade July 21, 2018 at 5:26 am

it is hard for me to makeup always because my eyes are blue

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