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Disadvantages of Dates


Disadvantages of Dates for Abdominal problems

The dates wont make Abdominal problems, but when it is mix by sulfite, is dangerous. Sulfites are some chemical combinations that they add to dry fruits to keep them more and remove bacteria. The people that they are sensitive to sulfites, maybe will have stomach ache, fart, Bloating…

Dates are full of fiber, but it can be vise versa, if you use fiber before, and eat dates too, you will catch lots of fiber and will face to lots of bloating, Constipation. Important Points Of Dates

Disadvantages of Dates for skin acne

Dry fruits can make the skin acnes, and again the sulfite are the reason. And acne can be because of some mildew in dry fruits, that date is one of them.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(41).pngDisadvantages of Dates for Asthmatic attacks

There are no so many researches for dates to make asthmatic attack. But because dates can make allergy, and allergy will have asthmatic, so the sensitive person should not use dates. In fact 80% of asthmatic, is because of mildew, and those mildew are in dates too.

Weight Gain

Also dates are full of fiber, but it has lots of calories too. and can makes you fat so. Dates has 2.8 calories in each gr. That means can makes you fat.


The risk of hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia is a disease that makes your blood potassium so more. Dates are full of potassium and using dates a lot can make this disease. If your blood potassium is high, avoid to use dates.

Wax coating

Like other fruits, dates has wax coating too. usually fruits has wax coating to keep more and keep their appearance. The shine of dates are because of adding oily wax or chemical spray, that both of them can make body problems.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(41)Harmful for babies

Dates are so thick and heavy for babies. Its chewing is hard for them, because their intestine is growing up, wont digest the dates easily. This can makes lots of problems. Also dates can close their throat and makes problem in breathing.

Effects of Dates of Blood glucose

They think that because dates are sweet, can increase the blood glucose. But there are no certain researches for this. Also dates can decrease the blood glucose. It is because of the natural sweet of dates and make no danger. Important Points Of Dates

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