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Some points for have a healthy food in restaurant


Healthy diet is a part of your life style, but having a diet and choose your food by rules are not easy. Specially nowadays that people eat foods because of their enjoy and do not eat food for their body energy.

Forgetting the healthy diet is easy, and you will forget the diet and start to eat by your choose. For example all of us can eat a big pizza with out paying attention that has 2000 calories. Healthy Points Of Restaurant Foods

Choose appetizers and dessert with fruits

It is suggested to use 5 vegetables and fruits items in a day. It helps you to use fruits and vegetables in your days.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngGrain bread instead of white bread

Grain bread is more healthy than white bread. Those breads has more fiber. And care your body to avoid having Colon Cancer.

Vegetables soup instead of cream soup

Vegetable soup is a good choice to help you use more vegetables. It is better avoid the creamy soup or high calories soup.


Tomato sauce instead of mayonnaise

Use the tomato sauce instead of mayonnaise and oily sauce. Those sauce has less calories. And tomato sauce is full of antioxidant and can help you to not having the Prostate Cancer. So it is suggested to have 7 meals of tomato in a week for men.

Eating the white fish

The white fish is full of protein and is so low fat. Fatty fish has omega3 too. those fat are good fats that is certain that can avoid heart disease or cancers.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngThe baked foods instead of fry foods

Pay attention to your cooking. The baked foods are more better than fry foods. A baked steak is more better and can give your body lots of protein and zinc.

Drink water and fruit juice instead of sodas

Pay attention to the drinks calories, and avoid to have sodas in restaurant. Soda has lots of calories and the Phosphoric acid in it is so bad and damage your bone. Water is a healthy drink. And you can order orange juice and other fruit juice.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngDon’t use salt on your food

Don’t pour salt on your food. All the foods are tasted in kitchen and is not good to use salt again. Salt can increase your blood pressure. So try to use salt less than 6 gr in a day.

Having salad by your meal

Always have salad by your foods. Healthy Points Of Restaurant Foods

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