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Which salt is better?


All Salt Types ,Salt is so useful in kitchen, but the extreme use is dangerous. And always women has question to use which salt? So we want to introduce all salt types to choose the best ones.

Salt types

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(41).png1: Natural salt

This is the usual salt that the sodium chloride is the important part of it. And this salt is made by a industry process. This salt is made by some other things like: Iodine, Fluorine and other additives or Preservatives. This salt is for making your food tasty.

2: Raw sea salt

This salt is made by natural process like: evaporation of brine. And this salt is full of iodine, chloride, sodium and is gray. This salt can make your food salty more than natural salt. And is more healthy and expensive than natural salt.


3: Mineral salt

This salt is made by the top layer of sea salt mines. They use The Atlantic, Mediterranean sea and traditional methods. And it has a special flavor that can make your foods so tasty. This salt has no danger for your body and contain 15% sodium, 92/9% sodium chloride.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(41)4: Himalayan salt

This salt is more in Pakistan and Latin America, and is full of nutrition and mineral items. It is so unique and good for body actions. It is pink and so special.

The suitable salt for human use


You should not use the salt that has huge of sodium chloride, in fact it is not necessary to use huge amount of salt. Because you can catch this sodium chloride from other foods. They are for your foods and bad for your body. The harmful salt are natural and made by stone salt and mineral.

The industrial strategy makes those salts expensive. This natural product is valuable. Extreme use of salt cause the heart disease, Kidney failure…  ‘ All Salt Types


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