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How to make mint tea


Mint tea is great for stomach discomfort. It can make so easily. Or make it by your idea so hard. Mint tea can be use in winter as a hot drink. Or use in summer as a cold drink. All About Mint Tea

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 5-10 minutes

All taken time: 10-15 minutes



5-10 mint leaves

2 cups water



BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngIngredients for ice tea

10 fresh small mint leaves

2 cups of water

1/2 cup sugar

1 Lemon juice

Chopped cucumber

Moroccan mint tea

1 spoon green tea

5 cup water

3-4 spoon sugar

5-10 branch of fresh mint


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngPreparation of hot mint tea

1: boil the water

Put the kettle on the oven, boil the water.


2: wash the mint leaves and chop

Wash the mint leaves to remove all bacteria and dirties and chop the leaves to put it smell out.

There are so different mint leaves like: chocolate, hot mint, chilly mint.


3: prepare the leaves

You can put the mint leaves in your teapot. There are some teapot that are specially for green tea and good for make this tea.


4: put the boil water on the leaves

Some leaves are different and should not put the boil water on them, because they will burn. But the mint leaves are so strong and you can put boil water on them.


5: Brew tea

Mint tea should brew for 5 to 10 minutes. But if you want more thick tea, let to boil more. And when you feel it is enough to boil, put the leaves out.


6: add some item.

You can add honey or some other sweet additional, or add lemon juice before using.

All About Mint Tea


Preparation of ice mint tea

1: make mint tea

Make your hot mint tea as you want. Pu your mint leaves in the pot and boil water and let to boil.


2: add another sweeter or lemon juice

When your tea is ready, add lemon juice. And if you like sweet, add your additional item. And mix good.


3: let tea gets cold

When your tea gets cold, take leaves out and put the tea in refrigerator.


4: drink ice tea with cucumber

When your tea is ready for serve, fill your tea from ice and cut some cucumber and add to your tea and drink and enjoy.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngPreparation of Moroccan mint tea

1: wash your mint leaves with water

Put your green tea in a teapot and add a cup of water in it. Let teapot get warm. Put the water out and keep the leaves.


2: brew the tea

Add 4 cups of boiling water in your teapot and brew your tea for 2 minutes.


3: add sugar and mint

Let to boil for 4 minutes. Test and serve. All About Mint Tea

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