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8 foods that make you good

Canned fish

You know that fish are full of omega3 and can avoid the cancers, and make you feel so good and solve all your mental problems. It can give your mind happy feeling and makes you so fresh and happy. 8 Great And Healthy Foods For You

You can not expect that a canned fish makes you happy, you should use this for some different times. If you don’t like fish, use fish tablets. 8 Great And Healthy Foods For You

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngFlax seed

You can make your treatments so happy by adding some Flax seed in your meals. This seed is great for smoothies, yogurt,.. because this seed has a strong cover, mix them in a mixer to give the best result.

Dry mushroom

This plant is full of vitamin b6 and helps to make the Serotonin hormone. The low average of Serotonin has relation with depression. But your treatment is not just related to this. Also is related to your tired feelings too. and lack of vitamin b6 can makes you depress too.





Acid folic are usually in foods and they named folate. Near to 40% of depress people has lack of acid folic. The adult people need 400 micro gr in a day and pregnant women need 600 micro gr. The best resource of folate in the kitchen is baked lentils.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(42).pngIndian almonds

The researches say that zinc has a great effect on our mind and body to avoid the stress. And lack of this item can make you depress and angry. The Italian people found that the zinc in blood of depress people is low.

Enriched grains

If you are not in a good mood, choose Enriched grains for your breakfast. It can treatment your mood so good. Some of this grains are with folic. And having a breakfast with Enriched grains can increase your zinc in a day.


Pea is a good resource of magnesium, and catching magnesium enough can make all your treat good. This mineral item has relation with risk of depress or worry.

Dark chocolate

Next time you feel sad, eat dark chocolate. This tasty thing has relation with the messenger of mind and make you happy.  8 Great And Healthy Foods For You

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