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Inappropriate clothes for work


Tips For Clothes Of Work ,Some clothes are not good for work. Having a good style is important, but a suitable style. And some clothes can make your personality damage in work.

Fantasy jeans

Wearing jeans pants are not bad for work, but pay attention to its style. You should wear some classic and simple jeans at work.


Tips For Clothes Of Work ,Slippers are so informal and inappropriate for work. You can not wear slippers at all. It is not important if your slippers are expensive or you are more comfortable in slippers, you should not use them.

Clothes that are not your size

It is hard to put your favorite clothes out, after you loose or gain weight, you should be careful to wear clothes. If your clothes are so tight or loose is not good.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngdg.pngSport sneakers

Use classic sneakers that are suitable for work. But don’t use your sport sneakers at work and put them for your gym or sport time.

Clothes that are against of company politics

If you want to be sure for your suitable clothes of your company, ask others to wear what. And try to wear something that are good by their rules.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pnguhikh.pngTight jeans

It is not important that you are sitting all the time, you will walk also. You can not move good if you are not comfortable in your clothes.

Tips For Clothes Of Work

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