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Avoid some points in weeding


Important Points For Wedding Clothes ,All people has their idea, but you should obey some rules in wedding. As you should know to wear what in wedding, you should know to not wear something too. wedding is a formal party that is so important to wear good.

1: White dress

Wearing the white clothes is a traditional dress for bride, but how about others? Because in the wedding the bride is a center of focus, so others should not wear the white clothes. And you can wear other colors.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pnguhikh2: Jean

Jean clothes are fashionable always, but it is not suitable for wedding. Wearing jeans are so informal. So it is better to wear some other clothes except jeans.

3: Crown

Maybe you like crown so much, but it is not good for wedding at all. Just bride should has this accessory.

4: Fantasy designs

Maybe the fantasy design of clothes will be good and lovely for you, but they are not good for wedding. But If you are searching for a fantasy design, choose the lighter color and less art, because you catch all the attract.

5: Don’t wear completely black

You should not wear black completely in wedding. Wearing black is so attractive, but is better to choose the colorful accessories.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).png6: Short dress

Short dress are so attractive but they are not good for wedding. The dress for this party should be so formal. And your dress is better to be longer. And you will be more comfortable too.

7: Don’t wear very open clothes

Wedding day is a great day for bride and groom, and you should not be in a way to catch attracts. The open clothes are not good because they can make you so attractive. And there are in all ages in wedding and is not good to wear short and open clothes.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).png8: Excess jewelry

Jewelry will complete your style, but if you use extreme it will has the bad result. So choose them in normal type and measure. The colorful and big accessory are not good for wedding.

9: puffy clothes

Avoid to wear puffy dress. The puffy dress are suitable for when you want to be center of attraction.

10: Big bag

The advantage of big bag is to pickup all your tools. But big bag are not suitable for wedding. So avoid to have additional tools in wedding. And have a small and good bag.

Important Points For Wedding Clothes


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