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Great points to be like a model

Dress up like models

How To Be A Model ,For wearing like models, doesn’t need to be a real model. All of us can be a model in each sizes, if we pay attention to our choosing for clothes and accessory.

Follow a person or style

It doesn’t need to be a model, you can follow the style of some models and be like them.

Dress up simply

It means that do not use so different colors and accessory in your clothes. The classic style means to wear black or white. The black style contains black jacket, black t-shirt, or black jean.

For having the more Feminine appearance wear the black simple dress with short sleeve.

Another classic style is a bright jean and white t-shirt and pastel jacket.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngWear single jacket

Single jacket is an important part of a style that can be used in formal and informal times. If you didn’t find a suitable jacket in shopping, want a tailor to sew for you. For a good style, blue jean, black t-shirt, with a black single jacket is good. At last complete your style with a sneakers.

Wear a skinny jean

If you want to show your leg longer, wear skinny jean with boots. The bright jeans are more informal , but we can make the black jean formal with some accessories.

For a classic style, a skinny jean and black t-shirt and a converse shoes are good. Complete your style with a single white jacket.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngWear some layered clothes

Sets the tight and loose clothes. For example wear a loose jacket on the tight top. If you wear the loose clothes, you seem a little fat. And if wear some tight clothes, you will seem slut.

Wear high heel

High heel will show you more tall and slim. But don’t forget that is not good for your health. Use this shoes when you wont walk a lot. The high heel will set by every styles.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses will give you a good style and protect your eyes from sun and it is not necessary to cost a lot.


Bag will complete your style. And should set your bag color with your shoes. If your clothes has some art, set with your clothe art. And you can use a usual color like white or black.

Eat healthy foods

You will have good appearance with healthy food. Go to gym, eat healthy food, care your skin and drink water a lot.

Have self confidence

It is important to have self confidence, and if you have it, your style can be good too.

How To Be A Model

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