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Positive effects of makeup and beautiful dress on mental health


Effective Points Of Mental Health ,The researches shows that the hair loose can decrease your self confidence. The hair loose in some parts of your head shows that you have a disease and you are in an bad situation. And loosing eyelash is so worth.

The hair is not important, the loosing is a bad sign and can make our feeling so bad. From before, the hair is a sign of money and your social role. The color, extension is a sign of spending your money. Hair is a good choice to have change in your look.


Makeup is used for lots of years, for hiding or making you beautiful. The psychology of makeup can be effective on self confidence or your mental. Makeup can make good feeling in your mind and you feeling good.

Some one who use cosmetics crème, they are in worry. Someone who use other cosmetics to make their self more beautiful, they are in better situation. Makeup for teenagers is a additional activity, but it can separate their time to child time. Makeup can help you to go in adult time.


Clothes are so important in our life, even you have no makeup or jewelry. Clothes are so important in culture. Clothes is so important in culture and is a sign of values and society. And is so effective in making good feeling.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngBody decorations

Body decorations is like tattoo, earing, piercing. They have bad effect in before, but nowadays they have good effects in mental and life. Tattoo is the ancient body decoration in the people. There are thousand years that they used tattoo for decoration body.

Tattoo is some how use for culture, and some other for beauty like changing the face parts like lips , nose, eyebrow, and medical tattoo for removing surgery places.

Beauty surgery

Nowadays we have huge amount of beauty surgery. For example, college students has beauty surgery about 30%. And 33% of families have surgery too. lots of surgery has the default and medical reason, but some other has the mental reasons.

Research show that someone who has change in one part of face is more better than some other that has big changes in their face like skin lifting.

Effective Points Of Mental Health

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