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Useful foods for women


What Are The Useful Foods For Women ,Lots of nutrition are similar between women and men. But women has more different needs and different body too. women has harmonic changes and thy can be sad more than men, they have lots of changes and accident in their life, so their needs are different too. What Are The Useful Foods For Women

1: Sea foods

Sea foods like fish, shrimp, that they are low calorie and full of protein. They can improve the hair and skin of women. Sea foods are full of omega3. And they help to heart and mind and eyes, and will avoid the bad feeling of periods, and good for mommy to give milk to their baby.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngkl.png2: Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a good food for women, because it has great result and advantages for cancer, specially chest cancer. Use Flaxseed in your smoothie, in your cooking, sweet cooking, or salad and sandwich.

3: Vegetables with dark green leaves

The dark vegetables are so great for women and has lots of advantages. They have lots of calcium that is great for their osteoporosis. They are full of vitamin k and zinc, antioxidant, fiber.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39)4: peanut

Peanut is full of herbal protein. It has lots of good fats and fiber. This is good for women because can avoid the heart problem and attacks.

5: Asparagus

Asparagus is a green vegetable that is good for women, because it is full of folic acid. Asparagus can help to Excessive body water withdrawal and Better digestion of food.

What Are The Useful Foods For Women


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