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Avoid 4 foods for a good sleep


4 Dangerous Foods For Sleep ,Pay attention that is difference between a good sleep in night and a short and not good sleep. 4 Dangerous Foods For Sleep  And if you want to have a good and comfort sleep at your night, avoid to use those:

Cheese burger

Cheese burger is a good sandwich in all over the world. But it has effect on your sleeping. The fats in burger will motivate our body to make acids more and make lots of other problems.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngDark chocolate

Sweet lovers pay attention that dark chocolate can make problem in your sleep. Dark chocolate has huge caffeine and we can say that a small slice of it has 20 mg caffeine. This can increase your heart beat and make you worry.

Spicy spice

The Australian researchers found that someone who use hot sauce at night, they will have more problem in their sleeping. They can not experience a good sleep and make heart irritation.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(39).pngRed meat or protein

Red meat has huge amount of protein and pay attention that all protein that we use can make problem in Digestive system. Protein can make our body busy when we are sleeping. So it is better to not use protein at night.

4 Dangerous Foods For Sleep

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