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Difference in hair serum with hair oil

Tips For Hair Serum And Hair Oil ,Hair serum and hair oil are so good between the beauty doctors, but lots of people will not know the difference between this two products. Choosing the hair serum and hair oil with different quality is hard. The important question is that each of them is better or when we should use them?

What are the advantages of hair serum and hair oil?

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngHair serum

Hair serum is shiner, softer, can protect from heat and light and clean and protect your hair from dirties. It has a silicone composition that can cover your hair and protect your hair from cosmetic materials and dirties or sun lights. Hair serum is a hair styler product that has lots of advantages like hair Botox for hair root. And can make your hair shinny and soft.

Hair oil

Hair oil is good for wet hair, good for heating of cosmetic appliances, balancing the hair rough and shiner, and hair softener.

Also the hair oil has some other advantages. Hair oils always has not silicone composition and can change the hair structure easily. Its oils are the best hair greasy, and will protect your hair from high heat. Hair oil can control the curly hairs and make them shinny.  It can eliminate your damage hair after using long time. All people with different hair type, use hair serum in weeks, will see the result. Also hair serum is good for someone who has thick and curly hair and want to style their hair soon. This is not true that hair oil will make your hair heavy.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngHow to use hair serum or hair oil?

The best way of using hair serum is, let your hair be somehow wet and not dry completely after your bath. Hair serum is suitable for damage hair. Pay attention that hair serum should not be so much and some drops are enough. It is better to get your head down and rub hair serum on the down parts of our hair more, because they damage more.

For using hair oil should do some points too. the first point is to rub hair oil from some cm after your head. The next point is to make your hair oily in down part more. For better result make your hair 2 part and rub oil more easily. Also someone who has more damage hair, should use hair oil less. You can use hair oil half hour before your bath and then go to bathroom.

Tips For Hair Serum And Hair Oil

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