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Benefits of green tea for skin

Green Tea Advantages For Skin ,Lots of people don’t like the smell and taste of green tea. It has lots of benefits for body and skin and hair too. in fact, by drinking green tea we can be healthy and use it as a natural treatment too.

13 benefits of green tea for skin and hair

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngGreen tea face mask

Why you don’t use natural mask as the chemical masks? You can help to your damage hair cells with green tea, because it has antioxidant and can fight with the free radical of skin too. for making this mask you need the full fat yogurt and green tea leaves.

Eliminating the acne and black head spot with green tea

If you want to have a good skin and eliminate your acne and its places, use green tea. For making this mask you need the mashed green tea leaves and rice flour. The rice flour is good for have a shiny skin and by using it a lot , you will have a greasy and shiny skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngEye mask with green tea

Drinking green tea is used as a eye mask. It is enough to put green tea in freezer for a night and then use for your under eyes. Green tea has caffeine and make blood flow better and make you calm.

Hair rinse with green tea

The antioxidant of in this tea, motivate of your follicle and vitamin B, That makes your hair so shiny and soft.

Energy producer with green tea

You can make this mask at your home so easy. By rubbing green tea mask on your face, you will be free of acnes and make your skin color better. There are huge measure of caffeine in green tea. you need green tea leaves and a spray.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngCleansing the face with green tea

Green tea has antioxidant and will reduce the skin aging. And will avoid to have acne. Green tea is used as a cosmetic cleanser too. For making this mask you need just green tea.

Natural cleanser

Green tea will remove all dead cell skin and build new skin. Acts like a natural cleanser.

Incense Face with green tea

You can make a good incense with boiling some water and some green tea leaves. When you are sick, you can pour some drop of your drug in the incense to get better result. When you see the steam, you should put your face near the steams and clean your face.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngSoak your tea in bath

Green tea is also good for skin, is good for pain in muscles too. for this, full your bathtub with water and put some green tea bag in this too. you will have shiny and brighter skin.

Face scrub

After making mask, is scrub tern. That is used for sensitive skin more. For making this scrub you should add honey to your crashed green tea leaves.

Nail treatment

You should use green tea for eliminating the yellow points of nail. Green tea will make your nails more flatten and shiny. It is enough to put your nails in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngDemulcent for burnt skin

Green tea is a demulcent for burn skin or sun burnt skin.

Body scrub

Getting layered of skin is so important, because the dead cell skin will remove and skin pores will close. Make this scrub by rice flour and honey and green tea. And let on your skin for 10 minutes.

Green Tea Advantages For Skin

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