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Acne treatment with food stuff

Foods For Acne Treatment ,Acne is a skin disease that lots of people have experience in this problem. We will face to this problem in our life. There are lots of ways to cure this problem, but now we want to speak about the effect of French foods on skin and fashion. In some years ago, there were lots of articles about food effects on acnes. It seems that there are lots of secrets in French people that we don’t know.

The suitable foods for fighting acne


It is good to use vegetables in your meals. All of you should know about the great effects of vegetables in health and life. Vegetables are so important in skin problems. Also you know that vegetables are good for body and skin because of its nutrients. The materials in vegetables can eliminate the acne. There are accepted that lots of countries use vegetables a lot in their meals and use sugar less. Between vegetables, lettuce and spinach and celery are so useful. Those vegetables in addition of acne treatment, can effect on losing weight too. You can use vegetables fresh. We use celery juice more than celery. A good diet should be full of vegetables and cucumber and tomato is in this category too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngFish and other sea food

Another big food groups that French people use to fight acne, is fish and sea food. They are searching for big fishes full of omega3, to have good skin with good diet. Sea food are effective for eliminating the acne because of having zinc, and French people use this a lot. The zinc in sea food means that is a complete and healthy diet for skin. This can reduce the inflammation too. as you know that acne can make inflammation on skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngRed fruits

All we know that fruits are so important for health. Someone who use fruits in their days, has a shiny and beautiful skin. Also the sugar in fruits will reduce their effect. Fruits are made by natural sugar and can has bad effects on skin. Also French people use fruits in their diet a lot. Fruits has interesting contain like vegetables. The containing of fruits are so good for skin and body nutrition. And body needs nutrition to be healthy. Fruits has lots of variety. The color of fruits are not meaningless. Like the red fruits has less sugar and French people use them in their foods because of this advantages.

Foods For Acne Treatment

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