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Body spray

All the people in summer, because of the hot weather, the sweat a lot and use the body spray a lot too. Because of sweating, the bacteria will make the bad smell on the legs and armpit and shoulders. But maybe one of the reasons of sweating for someone who use spray is spraying in wrong way. The correct spraying is so important that make those smell long lasting and better. Smelling the spray a lot is not good for breathing.

Appropriate use of body sprays

All About Body Spray ,Use good smell gel in bath room. Remember that the distance of body to spray should be 6 inch. Getting spray so close to your body is not correct. If you want to go the party and you want to be perfect, spray your body one hour before going. After that wash your hand, to not have smell in handclasp.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(37).pngTips on using body spray

•Firs choose your spray and your body parts for spray. Always spray after your bath to long lasting the smell. Choosing the spray is not easy because there are so different spray and bands. Bu pay attention more to the lasting it smells.

•People have different skin types. If you have greasy skin, your spray should last longer. But if you have dry skin, you should use moisture.

•There are some parts in our body that we can feel the heart pulse from there. Those parts are so good for spray. The spray will last longer in those places because of blood heat. Like under the throat, under knee, under ears, and on the wrist.

•The spray materials will be damaged by heat, moisture, lights. So if you want to keep your spray or perfume more, keep them in cold place and far from lights or heat.

•Some people used to rub their skin after spraying. They took mistake that by rubbing the skin, the spray will last longer. And it has vise versa effect. By rubbing those place, the molecule will be washed and spray has less smell. Spray for hands should be mild and avoid to spray a lot.

•Lots of people need rest after a hard day. They wake up in the morning and they are not fresh. The good solution is to spray on your neck. It will make you fresh.

All About Body Spray

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