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Natural materials for health and beauty of skin and hair

The beauty secrets of skin and hair in all over the world

All women in the world has the own treatments for her skin and hair. Those treatments are suitable for her and she gives the results from those ways. In addition, in each parts of the world there are some specials materials more, and those materials are in their treatments.

The natural materials for beauty skin and hair in Africa

Vitellaria paradoxa oil for skin health

Vitellaria paradoxa oil has a fruit that is used in natural oils. This tree is in Africa more and the oil is good for shiny hair and eliminating the wrinkles of skin and protecting the skin and hair from sun rays. The say this oil Shea Butter too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngSkin health with lavender

Lavender is so popular in African women and they use it as a deodorant for their body to remove bad smell of body. For making your body skin fresh, you can rub the lavender juice on your body and have good feeling during the day.

Rabies tea for beauty skin

Rabies tea is call red tea in Africa. It has lots of antioxidants and is so good for body. The Anti-hydroxyl in this tea is good for beauty of skin and hair and is used in lots of treatments soaps , face crème, or shampoos.

Hair health with honey

Honey is so tasty and has lots of benefits for beauty of skin and hair too. honey can moisturize the hair and make them shiny. Honey is used for skin treatments, dandruffs. It is enough to add some honey with warm water and rub on your hair. Wash your hair after 15 minutes.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngCoconut oil for health and beauty of hair

Coconut trees are so much in Africa. This fruit has lots of benefits and its oil is so effective for health and beauty of skin and hair. It is enough to rub some coconut oil on your hair, skin, lips, or nails to moisture them.

Natural materials in beauty of skin and hairs of Amerindian

Avocado a great fruit for health of skin and hair

Avocado is a fruit that has lots of benefits for beauty skin and hair. And the reason is its moisturize. It is enough to mashed this fruit and make a powder. Rub this powder on your face and wait 20 minutes and then wash. It is suggested for winter more.

You can use the sliced avocado for under your eyes and removed them after 20 minutes to remove your puffy eyes. Also you can use avocado for your hair health too. you should mash half of avocado and mix by a half banana and coconut oil and yolk. Then rub this mix on your hair and cover your hair with a plastic hat. You can put the hat over after 1 hour and wash your hair with shampoo.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngAcacia is a miracle for beauty skin

Acacia is a an antibacterial material. We can dried this and make this dried to powder. Then mix this powder with water and honey and rub on face for 20 minutes to remove all spots.

Natural materials for beauty skin and hair in china

Sesame Oil for skin health

Sesame Oil has the oily and moisturize extracts and is good for dry skin. It is enough to rub on your skin different times during a day.

Skin health with Marjoram

Put the fresh Marjoram in a glass of warm water and wash your acne skin. This will reduce the inflammation of skin and spots. And balance the sweat, and helps to the blood flow.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngCucumber Pieces for health and beauty of skin

Cucumber is used in china a lot. And the reason is the cooling extract of cucumber and can remove the puffy eyes, acne, and cool your skin. We can use cucumber for skin moisture. It is enough to put its slice on your skin.

Pumpkin a effective fruit for skin beauty

Pumpkin and its seed has lots of benefits for sun burnt and skin burnt.

Skin health with hot mint

Hot mint is good for skin itching.

Ginger for beauty skin

Ginger has lots of benefits. It can eliminate the sun burnt and the mild burnt of skin and remove the skin itching.

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