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Skin care for before and after exercise


Exercise is so important for a healthy skin and body. But skin is so important for women and men, and by having a healthy skin you will have a beauty and attractive face. Specially by exercising, you will Sweating a lot and your skin pores will open more, and have acne more too.

One of the women fault is to exercise with makeup. And the chemical materials will go to the skin pores and make acne and skin problems. And the most effective reason for having acne is, closing the skin pores with the polluted materials.

Lots of people feels tired after exercising, but they feel tired with fresh and enjoyable feeling. And because they do something for their body, they are so happy. But for making that feel lasts more, you should care.

We want to introduce some points for before and after exercise:

The skin care for before exercise

Before exercise is better to clean all your skin pores to not have any acne. For this is enough to clean all your makeup even your eyelashes. And if you don’t have time to clean your makeup, wash your face with Wet tissue.

Skin care for after exercise


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngSkin cleansing

Against lots of idea, sweating has lots of benefits for skin. Remove all the fats and poisons that make skin pores close, and make acne. During the exercise the Fatty tubers has lots of activity and remove lots of poisons. So because of this is so necessary to wash your skin after exercise.

You can use the suitable skin cleanser or cosmetics tissue. But is better to use Salicylic acid products or foams to avoid the acnes.


Moisturizer skin again

As we say, by exercise the skin lose lots of water. Because of this, the water should come back after washing the face.

Also the moisture should be suitable for skin type and if you have an oily skin, use the lighter moisture.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngBrighter face

More often after exercise, skin is more bright. But for control this shine you can use some cosmetics crème. And if you want to makeup, you can use lighter crème.

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