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Makeup and skin care


Skin care from makeup

Lots of women has makeup when they want to go to party or when they are in out of the house. And some other women likes makeup and they has makeup in every situation. We will have heavy makeup for some important parties. Heavy makeup is because we can not extended our makeup, and our makeup doesn’t remove. But this long lasting for makeup will close all our skin pores and wont let our skin breath. So by cleansing our makeup and skin, we can care our skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngSkin care for before and after makeup

Always rest good before makeup. Sleeping enough and a good diet will gives you a fresh skin and attractive makeup too. maybe you will sleep after a long time part with makeup, because you are so tired. This is completely false and harmful. You will face to some harmful points when you get up at the next morning. Always clean your face with special foams or gels or cleanser.

Try to not have makeup always and let your skin rest. Skin needs breath like human too. use natural masks at your home like banana and cucumber face mask to give moisture and freshness to your skin.

Clean your makeup from your face mildness

Mildness is a keyword for cleaning makeup. You can think that using the mild product or mild acts are not useful or effective, but it is not in this way. Mildness means that to treat your skin with less harmful acts , because skin is so sensitive.

Always the mascara and eye liner cleans harder. You will want to rub or touch your skin so strong, but it is not good for your skin. The eye cleanser are the best choice. Pour some eye cleanser on the cosmetics pad on put on your eyes. Then rub on your eyes so soft to clean all your eyes makeup.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36)Choosing the skin makeup cleanser

Always buy the mildest products for your skin. Because of the strong cleanser, you make your skin so dry and will make so oil and fat on your face. Rub the cleanser on your face by circular movement and clean all your makeup.

Some times we don’t have the makeup cleanser, so is better to clean your makeup with moisture and tissues without water.

Washing face after using makeup cleanser

After cleaning the makeup, wash your face with warm water. Avoid to rub your face with towel and clothes. Because you will damage your skin. Washing your face with warm water is enough.

Dry skin after using makeup cleanser

Now after cleaning your makeup, use a towel to dry your skin. Put towel on your skin slowly and avoid to rub strongly. Always use moisture crème at end.

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