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Hair growth with vegetables


As all people know that vegetables and fruits are so effective in health of body and skin, and they were suggest for lots of treatments. In addition of different benefits of vegetables and fruits, their juices are good for health and growth of hair. Because fruits are full of mineral materials and essential protein for body, they are suggest for hair too. And fruit juices are good for someone who doesn’t have time to eat fruits or doesn’t like eating fruits. Fruit juices can help to the health of head. Fruit juices eliminate the dandruff or itching of head. It is enough to use fruits that has vitamins and minerals and guarantee your health of hair and head.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngOnion juice

Onion juice is full of benefits for skin and hair health. Specially someone who has hair loose can use the onion juice and solve his/her own problem. Onion juice improve the blood flow of head and help to the hair growth by removing the dirty of head. For this is enough to pour some onion juice on your head and massage. Wait for some minutes. Wash your head with water. For eliminating the smell of onion is enough to add some shampoo.

Carrot juice

Carrot is full of vitamin C and help to the blood flow. And has effect on producing hemoglobin, and can help to the hair growth and avoid hair loose. If you want to care your hair, you should drink 1 glass of carrot juice every day.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(36).pngGarlic juice

Garlic helps to the blood flow in head and because of the disinfectant Properties, can remove all dirty of head and reduce the producing of bad enzyme. Garlic juice is effective on hair growth and health and beauty of hair.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice is good for hair and skin. Cucumber juice is food for hair loose. And is good in lose weight, blood flow, improving heart vessel too. and if you want to have a good bodyis enough to drink cucumber juice.

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