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Chocolate face mask


Chocolate is a lovely desert in all over the world. And they believe that chocolate is harmful for skin and make lots of acne. But chocolate is tasty and has lots of benefits for skin too.

Benefits of chocolate face mask

•Brightening of skin


•Eliminating the wrinkles

•Antioxidants and anti aging

•Eliminating the acnes

•Helps to product the collagen

How to make chocolate face mask


1: before all things , wash your face with washing gel or milk. For washing you can mix the lemon juice and honey and rub on your face , wait 15 minutes then wash.


2: scrub your face for 5 minutes. For scrub you can use the Pomegranate and its seeds. It is enough to mash the Pomegranate seeds and rub on your face. This natural scrub can done better than some chemical scrubs. And have great skin.


3: in this part, rub your chocolate face mask .


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35)There are many kind of chocolate face mask


First kind of chocolate face mask


•1 flat chocolate

•2 spoons of oat

•2 spoons of salt

•Half glass of milk

•2 spoons of honey

•Half bowl of whey

2 capsule of vitamin E

•2 spoons of rice flour



Make the chocolate liquid in oven and add honey. Then add milk and mix. wait 1 minute and add all your material. Wait your material get cold. And rub on your face and wait to get dry and then wash. This can make your skin bright.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).pngSecond chocolate mask


2 spoons of chocolate powder

2 spoons of coconut extract

•Some Cinnamon

2 spoons cream

7 or 8 walnuts



Put warm water in bowl, and add mashed walnuts. And mix all other materials. And put them in mixer and mix. wait they get cold. And rub on your face and wait 30 minutes. Because of cream, this mask can be a moisture and remove the dead cell of your skin.

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