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Dry hand skin

Checking the reasons of dry hand skin

Even by lots of hair and skin care, we see some problems in those places too. One of the annoying problem is the dry hand skin in all season. The human skin has an external layer for protecting from environment. And this layer will face to some dry problems too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).pngWhy dry hand skin happen?

Lots of reasons can make dry skin hand like:

•Environment can be so effective on skin, and a bad situation can make dry skin hand.

•The winter can remove the skin moisture and make the dry hand skin.

•Putting your hands in warm water for long time or cleanser can make dry hand skin too.

•Being in chemical materials can make dry hand skin for you.

•The high moisture of air can make skin fat and dry hand skin.

•Inheritance is an effective reason for dry hand skin.

•But because of dry hand skin, we can not change our home or work. And we can avoid by other ways.

Common treatments for eliminating the dry hand skin


Protecting of hand skin

We will wash our hand in day because of using them a lot. So we lots or skin moisture and for this we can use moisture crème at nights and rub on hand skin. And you can use the gloves and keep your hand moisture.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).pngCorrect washing of hand skin

Also the hand washing is a common activity in a day, but we can do it so good. And use the warm water or cold water or gel.


Avoid the artificial products

The good smell soap are harmful for skin and health skin. The antibacterial foam are like this and can be harmful for skin. So is better to use the natural cleanser and keep your hand skin healthy.


Avoid the softener

If you want to use softener for your hand skin, be sure to use the natural and Without essential oil and use gloves.



The strong brush can be harmful for hand skin. So is better to use those brush with gloves and use before bath.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).pngUse moisture a lot

An important factor for hand skin health is using moisture always. For making your hand moisture is good to use the moisture with oily base and remove the dry hand skin.


Regular checking

Some of the dry hand skin reasons are Diabetes, Eczema, Hyperthyroidism.  So is better to have checking every year.


In addition, use natural products, and drink water more.


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