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Rose water and glycerin


There are so many years that rose water is used in all over the world as a best toner. And if you are searching for making you skin soft and beautiful, use Rose water and glycerin and catch your aim. Rose water and glycerin has the watering extract and by moisture can guarantee the health skin.

Advantages Rose water and glycerin

1:  Skin moisture

As we say, the Rose water and glycerin can contain the moisture of skin and because of this is so suitable for skin. And glycerin can help to skin to collect all the natural moisture in the air. And by mixing rose water can make skin more moisture and brighter.

2: Eliminating the skin problems

Because the Rose water and glycerin moisture the skin, is good for some problems like acne. Because the mixing of these 2 materials can remove the dryness of skin. And in addition Rose water and glycerin can eliminate the inflamed and other skin problems and be like a great mask for greasy skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).png3: Balancing PH of skin

One of the important reason to have a good skin is balancing PH of skin. Because in this situation you will not have any acne and have a beautiful skin.

4: skin rejuvenation

For having a good skin is not necessary to buy the expensive products and is enough to use rose water and glycerin to have a good skin. The mix of them will remove the lines of skin and reduce the aging.

How to use rose water and glycerin

1: moisture

One of the season that our skin get dry is winter. So we should use rose water and glycerin to protect our skin health.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).png2: Toner

You can use them as a toner, and remove all your acne. And because they acts like a balancing PH, can be like a toner and helps to diet and health and brightening of your skin.

3: cleanser

One of the best cleanser is the mixing of rose water and glycerin. They can remove all the pollution and dirty of skin. In addition the washing face with them can open the skin pores.


•But avoid to use them extremely. Because using them so much cause your skin be like that were some hours in water.

•Pay attention that glycerin is sticky and should not be mix by oily lotion. And clean all additional glycerin of your skin.

•For making the rose water and glycerin mask should put 200 to 250 ml of glycerin and 100 ml of rose water. And add 2 spoons of lemon juice. Mix them so good. Then rub on your face and cure your dry skin.

•For having them as a toner, should mix 1/4 cup of glycerin and 1/5 cup of rose water. When ever you feel your skin get dry, use this.

•For making a cosmetics cleanser should mix the rose water and glycerin equal and clean your makeup with a pad. Do this as a usual activity to have a healthy skin.

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