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Yogurt face mask


Yogurt is one of the best and delicious diary. Yogurt has lots of nutrients and because of this can be so good for body problems. But yogurt can be used in skin care and has no worry to use and can be so useful for skin too.

One of the reasons that makes yogurt so effective in a bright skin is the yogurts nutrients. Each of them are so good for skin.

1: Zink

There are 1 gr zinc in every 100 gr of yogurt. And Zink is a mineral material and has the anti-inflammatory extract and can help to cell production and skin cells treatment. And in addition it can help to Sebum production and because of this can be so effective in acne treatment.

2: Calcium

All people knows that dairy is full of Calcium. Do you know that lots of your Skin epidermis is made by calcium? So calcium helps to your skin health and avoid the dry skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).png3: Vitamin B

Yogurt is full of vitamin B2, B5, B12. The vitamin B2 can makes your skin brighter, the Riboflavin in vitamin B2 is so effective on skin moisture and protect the skin cells from the free radicals in environment. In addition the Riboflavin helps to make the new skin cell and is so effective in moisture and freshness of skin.

4: Lactic acid

One of the most important nutrients in yogurt is Lactic acid, that is so effective in lots of skin products. Lactic acid is a great moisture. In addition by using Lactic acid you can protect your skin from aging and having wrinkles on skin and reduce them.

Different properties of yogurt mask

1: Moisturize

If you feel that your skin lose the freshness and get dark, it means that you have lack of moisture. It has no worry and it is enough to rub the yogurt mask on your face. The lactic acids in yogurt, makes your skin so moisture and solve your problem.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).png2: Brighter skin

The lactic acid in yogurt is full of Tyrosinase enzyme. This enzyme can produce the melanin that makes skin so brighter. By making melanin, the skin face get more beautiful and bright, and has an equal tonnage.

3: Scrub

Yogurt is a great scrub. The lactic acid in yogurt has Alpha hydroxylic acid. It helps to removing the skin dead cell skin. Lactic acid can avoid the inflammation skin. In addition of eliminating the skin dead cell, can motivate the skin to produce the new cell.

4: Skin without spots and acne

If you use yogurt face mask every day, you eliminate and remove all your skin bacteria and avoid to have acne on your skin. The Zink in yogurt can eliminate the skin inflammation and reduce the skin oil.

5: Eliminating the dark circle of eyes 

The yogurt face mask can remove the dark circle of eyes. In addition can make your skin more bright and remove all acne on skin.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(35).png6: skin rejuvenation

The yogurt mask is full of antioxidant that can protect your skin from free radical and all skin addition the lactic acid can helps to skin rejuvenation and avoid to have the skin wrinkles.

7: skin without Infection

Lactic acid has the Antifungal extract and because of this the yogurt face mask can eliminate the skin infection. For eliminating all this problems is enough to use yogurt face mask for 4-5 day.

8: Eliminating the sun burnt

In addition of all benefits we say, yogurt has the cooling extract and is so effective in sun burnt. Because the Zink in yogurt can eliminate all skin inflation and guarantee the skin oil balance.

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