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Making your skin moisture, is one of the steps that you can not forget in skin care steps. Because it guarantee your health skin and avoid the wrinkles. But because there are lots of different skin and each of them should use the special moisture.

When we should use moisture?

More often when because of environment skin get dry , you should use moisture or after washing your skin should use moisture to give back your skin moisture. But choosing the good moisture for each skin is different, and by choosing a suitable moisture you can avoid to have wrinkles and acne.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngChoosing the moisture with your skin type

Moisture for greasy skin

Lots of people believe that the greasy skin does not need the moisture. But it is completely false, because the greasy skin type wash their skin so more for cleaning the oil of the skin, so they should need moisture more for giving back the moisture in skin. But the moisture of this skin type should just acts like a watering and avoid to make skin greasy.

•Someone who has greasy skin should use the light moisture.

•Moisture should rub on skin slowly to go in skin.

•Using moisture should be as a usual activity for nights.

•It is better to write on moisture for greasy skin.


Moisture for dry skin

Someone who has dry skin, always feel that their skin is stretching and rough. It is because of dry skin and not watering the skin so good. So we should moisture on those skin so more and contain the lack of moisture. Because the dry skin will cause the wrinkles and make the beauty of skin in danger.

•Moisture of dry skin should have glycerin and give skin the enough moisture.

•If the moisture be more thick is better for this skin.

•The dry skin should use moisture every 4-5 hours.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngMoisture for combined skin

Combined skin, are some skins that they have dry and greasy skin too, and those skin need the more and multilateral care for skin. The combined skin are greasy in forehead, nose, and chin. And they are dry in cheek, near lips, and some other skin parts.

•Someone who has the combined skin should use the strong moisture on the cheek, and use the oil free crème on forehead and nose.

•For using the moisture should rub so slowly on skin.

•Never combined the moisture and let to dry and effect each of them separate.

Moisture for sensitive skin

This skin get inflamed soon and has acne more sooner. So they should use some products that does not make sensitive.

•The moisture should be so mild and have herbal roots.

•For using the moisture should get the doctor suggest too.

•The moisture that has SPF, can protect the skin from UV rays.

•It is better to use some products for sensitive skin and it should be written on the products too.

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