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Rice mask


Lots of women does not know the benefits of scrubs, that can remove lots of their wrinkles and gives them a younger skin. Also the materials of this mask is easy and can be use for combined skin, greasy or dry skin too. but if you have a fresh acne, is better to not use this mask.


Raw rice



Green tea


How to prepare and use the rice mask

First step of preparing the rice mask

As you want to make the rice flour, put 2 spoons of rice in the mixer and make them powder. Pay attention that your powder should have some big seeds too for having scrub extract. The rice flour has whitening extracts too and the Asian women use in their beauty treatments.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngSecond step of preparing rice mask

Add 1 tea spoon of lemon juice to your rice flour and remember that lemon is full of vitamin c and is a antioxidant to make skin more brighter and equaling the skin tonnage. In addition the antioxidant of lemon can remove the pollution of skin and make collagen more.

Third step of preparing rice mask

Add 1 tea spoon of honey to your mix. The benefits of honey is known for all people and can remove the bacteria of skin and all skin infectious problems.

Fourth step of preparing the rice mask

Add 1 and half spoon of green tea to your mix and mix good. And pay attention that your mask should not be liquid and should stay on your face.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngFifth step of preparing rice mask

After you mix all materials together, rub on your face and let to dry. Remember to wash your face and dry before using mask.

Some notices:

Wait 10 minutes to dry the mask. If you feel the mask get dry, make your finger wet and move your finger in circle shape on your face to wash. After washing, dry your face. And you can use this mask every weeks and make your skin so soft and beautiful. In addition the rice mask has whitening extract and acts like a scrub to make your skin so younger.

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