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Face hair removal wax benefits

Face wax

Face wax is a way to remove the hair by a material that named wax.

Face hair removal wax benefits


Wax is a process that if it done correctly, will make your skin soft and without hair for weeks. But the beauty science says that the wax can make your work so better and easier but it can open your pore skin more and more and get the bacteria and pollution more too. Before doing this work you should search for a beauty salon that use other treatments and masks after wax. If the wax done correctly, you can catch a great result.

When you use other ways for removing hair, you will see that the hair does not remove from root and will grow soon. And be more rough and dark. But wax remove your hair from root and when grow after weeks, is softer.

By wax, you will be sure for some weeks about your face and not having hair on your face. And your hair takes some weeks to grow again. And if you wax near your eyebrow, you will see how much your eyebrow gets more beautiful and by whitening your whole skin eyebrow, the eyebrow line will get more shiny and better. But you should wax on some parts so careful like under eyes and behind lips.

Who should not use wax?

More often some greasy skin and sensitive skin to acne should not use wax, because the hits on skin and hair root can make skin more sensitive and have acne more.

And some other people that use the Retinoid mix as a scrub or Ecotan for acne treatment, should avoid wax, because it scrub the face. Because by using those drugs, the skin get more thin and having allergy can be more.


Equipment health and wax materials

We suggest to go to a beauty salon that use the Disposable equipment. Unfortunately in beauty salon put wax in heater more than the using for one person and will remind for another person. This is not good and should use in measure exactly for one person and clean the heater for next one.

Because for removing the hair, they use a stick to give the wax, so if they use that stick for another person will make Viral infections.

Duration to use wax

Someone who loves to have wax, should do this every 1 or 2 month, and not do always. But using always can not make your skin hurt.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngSome activities after wax

Maybe you will have some inflamed or some other problems in waxing, you should use the ice compress and wash your face with cold water.

Pay attention that your wax should not be so hot and burnt your skin. And if you want to wax at your home, should use the high quality of paraffin.

Face threading

Is an old way to remove the hair that get the Yarn by their teeth and get another side by their hand. And by the right hand give the middle of Yarn and remove the hair by hitting the Yarn on face.

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