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Change season, change shampoo


When cold season comes, the cosmetics products and some habits should be change and some others activity should be replace. For example should makeup in some darker color and should not forget the moisture. In addition of cosmetic and skin, the hair should have the special treatments and changes too. specially they say that the hair products should be change after some default time.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngChange the shampoo in winter

As we have some different skin care in each season and focus in some points, in winter should have some changes in hair products too. specially in winter the moisture of weather get less and we should complete this by another ways. And for this we should use some other products different from hot seasons.

In addition the cold weather and moisture makes hair so dry and can hurts hair so much. And in winter the head skin get Inflamed and you see dandruff on your head skin. And in winter the hair loose will get more because the nutrient gets to hair root less. So we should use softener, vitamin hair products, and watering for hair to keep them healthy.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(33).pngChange shampoo and hair loose

The hair loose will happen in winter less, but lots of doctors belief that the hot season make hair greasy, but the winter makes hair strength and without any shape. And hair get shape in winter hard. So we suggest to change your shampoo in winter and by a watering shampoo avoid the dryness of hair. And use the moisture products after your bath. Use mask every weeks and guarantee the beauty and health of hair.

Change shampoo

Maybe you didn’t change your shampoo, but you don’t have any hair loose, they have their shape and not have any problem. But you will have some problems in hair root and will show their problems after some times. So we should have the special treatment for each situation and season and by following those issue will have healthy hair.

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