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How to Shampoo Hair

Shampoo the hair

How To Shampoo Hair Correctly, Shampoo the hair means not just washing, and the points is washing the head skin. Because it is only by washing the head skin that we can remove all the pollution of hairs and the health of hair will keep. And someone shampoo their hair one time and some other 2 times.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngMix the shampoo with water

For shampoo your hair and your head skin is better to mix some water with your shampoo, mixing the shampoo with water will reduce the thickness of shampoo and reduce the negative effects of it on your head. Because against of the commercials, the shampoo has lots of bad effects on hair and head.

When you want use the shampoo, should put the shampoo on your head and wait to foam so much, then wash. But sometimes you will see no foam, because your hair are so dirty and you will see more foam in next time.


How many times to shampoo?

First time you shampoo your hair, will not have foam because your hair are dirty. So is better to wash twice. But washing twice is suggest for someone that they have so oily hair. It is better to keep shampoo 2 to 3 minutes on your head. Another point that you should do is to wash your hair after shampoo so good, to not remind shampoo on your hair. And the remind shampoo on hair will hurts your hair a lot.

How to shampoo our hair?

The correct way of shampoo is massaging, and this massage should be done in all direction back, forward, left and right. And all ways except this, can make your hair dry and unshaped. And you should not collect your hair in top of your head because it make your hair knot. Lots of people in shampoo just pay attention to forward of head and forget the backwards part. But you should shampoo in all parts and massage. In shampoo you should not act so strong and aggressive, to not make your hair knot.

How To Shampoo Hair Correctly

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