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Choosing the Perfect Perfume

Choosing the Perfume

Perfume is a good smell material that we use for our body or environment. Perfume are made by natural materials or mix of Essence, Stabilizer, Solvents, Aromatic mixes. And the lasting smell is because of those mixes. The materials of perfume are made of Vegetarian resources, animals or artificial product way. There a lots of brand and different smell in perfumes.

Criterion of choosing good perfume

Always choose your perfume base on season. The hot and warm perfumes are good for cold seasons and cold places, and cold and sweet perfumes are good for hot and warm season and places.

Attention: always choose a mild and good perfume. In summer never use the warm and heavy perfumes. Choose a perfume that is related to your personality.


The perfumes with smell of fruits and flowers are calm and light and emotional. And the hot perfumes are for sexual feeling.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngHow to test the perfumes?


•A great rule for testing perfume is, not to use another perfume before testing. Be sure that your skin clean and the room is cold. And a good place for test is on your wrist or on special paper for test. When you test one perfume , please wait because it will show the real smell after one hour. Keep the paper test from 3 cm distance of your nose. We suggest to not test more than 4 perfumes , because you will be confuse. Want some more test and smell them during the days.

•Remember that perfumes has different smell on different body. And don’t want to have the same smell from one perfume between 2 persons.

•The big mistake is to use the perfume directly on your clothes. Lots of perfumes will remind an oily circle on your clothes and the smell will last few. Do not this again.

•Remember that the good place for perfume is a place that has heat from body and will send smell to environment. Around the navel, Inside the wrist, Behind the knee are the most important places.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngSome points for choosing the perfume


•Always keep your perfume bottle far from direct heat and sun rays.

•You can put one drops of your perfume on oven to have smell in every places.

•Remember that the lasting of a perfume is related to the thickness and alcohol of perfume.

•Before using perfume, for better effect, use body lotion and body powder to make all your body good smell.




•Never rub your wrist together, it will make your perfume last few.

•Spray the perfume on hair will destroy your hair.

•Always test perfume on your skin.

•Buy your perfumes in the morning.

•Always be sure that you close your perfume door good, because it will inhale.

•Test the perfume in a cold and clean room.

•Do not test more than 4 perfume in one time.

•Always use perfume in Pulsating places.

•Spray some perfume on your bed.

•A good perfume can be with you a day.

•A good way to last your perfume is using powder.

•Remember that a perfume can has different smell in 2 persons.

•Some perfume maybe will have oil circle on clothes.

•You will have skin sensitive on some perfumes.

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