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Foot care


Essential Foot Care Points, Spending time for your body and skin health will guarantee your health. A good scrub will make your skin softer and make blood flow better. Specially that they say foots are the second heart and by caring the legs can remove all your tired and bad feelings. And by massage and a scrub of your leg will guarantee the whole body health.

Foot care routine

•Routine that you will see in our text is done in so good foot care center, and if you have no time for spending there, you can use the natural oils that has calm extract. And you can use some special foams or bath gel on your foot. And you need a bowl and a big towel and 2 small towel with 2 plastic for your foot. Do not forget the Pedicure Stones and pedicure equipment.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).png•At first put some foam or bath gel in a bowl that a towel is behind it, and add some natural oil that you prepare before to the water, and mix them to make foam. And put your foot in it and enjoy the warm water for 5 minutes. And then put your foot out and dry with towel.


•Put a towel on your right knee and put your left foot on it. Then rub your scrub on your foot specially on dead skin places. And massage. And then put that foot in plastic.


•Do the same on your right foot too and wait 10 minutes . open the plastic from your left foot. Do for the right foot too. after 10 minutes open the plastic too. and put both of your foot in water. This will make your blood flow netter.




•Again put your left leg out of the water and massage with Pedicure Stones. And massage the foot palm and more strong and this will make your blood flow better and enjoy. And do on your right foot too.

•Make your nails clean too. and cut them. Cut the additional skin of nails and make the nails and under nails so clean. Dry the nails. Again put your nails in water and dry. And rub top coat on your nails. If you want to avoid other nails be colored, put cotton between your nails.

Essential Foot Care Points

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