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Yellow teeth

Common Causes Of Yellow Teeth, Some people will have beautiful and white teeth but some other have darker and yellow teeth. And being teeth white, is a part of beauty for everyone. So all people are searching for making their teeth white.

Yellow teeth because of external stains

Most of the time the stains and changing color of teeth is visible on the external layer and by the way that the external layer is so strong but it has some stains and change its color. And the reason is the own lifestyle. Smoking, tea, coffee, are some reasons to make teeth darker. And also the dark food and dark color fruits like cherry, grapes, berry, can make our teeth darker. Because there are some color seeds in them that can make our teeth dark. In addition, some foods and drinks that are acids can make teeth dark too.


Yellow teeth because of internal stains

Some times we have some internal stains and color changing, that using drugs and harmful materials for teeth can be the reason. Specially the child under the 8 ages should not use the antibiotic, and Tetracycline, because those make their teeth darker after some years.

In adult time also the Chloroquinidine and Antiseptic drugs like   antibiotic can make our teeth dark. And also some anti acne drugs like Minoxylin and Tetracycline can change the color of teeth. Chemotherapy can make teeth dark too and drugs for blood pressure is effective too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).png yellow teeth because of aging

there is Dentine teeth behind the strong layer of teeth that by passing the time this layer get thin and as you brush your teeth more, this Dentine teeth will be visible more too.

yellow teeth because of strike

strike in mouth can change the teeth color too. because of strikes will hurts the dentine and the color change.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngYellow teeth because of Tobacco

There are 2 materials in Tobacco that can make the stains on teeth that one of them is Bitumen and another is Nicotine. Bitumen is a black material that is in tobacco. Nicotine is a colorless material but when it mix by oxygen it will has effect. Both of them have effect on color of teeth.

Yellow teeth because of Genetics

One of the reason or important reason of yellow teeth is Genetics. And like the eye color that are from parents, the color of teeth are from parents too. if our parents have dark teeth , we will have dark teeth too. another part is related to the teeth enamel Diameter and Dentine teeth, that are in witch situation and for kids be too.

Common Causes Of Yellow Teeth

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