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What is the facial skin?


Facial is a collection of skin care like remove the stings, remove the wrinkles, skin relax..  in one session of facial, some different skin care will done on your skin. And at last in addition of changes on your skin, you will feel calm and relaxing on your skin too.Amazing Benefits Of Facial

First level of facial skin

At first the facial personal will ask you about your skin, your diet, your drinking water ..

Then they let you to prepare in a private and quiet room. Pay attention that all equipment should use just one time. And lay down on bed with disposable cover.

Second level of facial skin

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngSkin Cleaning

In this part, after collecting all your hair with a disposable towel, clean your face with a cotton pad and the face wash machine. For this you should use your specific cleanser of your skin. Maybe in the first time they will put your face under the powerful lamps to see your skin type and your skin problems. And after all checks they will chose suitable solution for you.

The third level of skin facial

To inhale

Lots of the skin facial will inhale your skin to open your skin pores. In addition of relaxing, prepare your skin to remove stings and acne. If your skin would be so sensitive, they will not use inhale.


Fourth level of skin facial


In this level they will scrub your skin in natural or chemical ways. They will remove the dead skin with special materials and scrubs machines. The materials that are in this work, contains the natural Enzyme and acids. That they will scrub your face so soft and if your skin needs more, they will do in some additional parts.

Fifth level of skin facial

Skin cleaning

In this part the Black head pimples and under the skin will be empty. In this part you will have some pain, and the activity is based on your toleration. sometimes they do not this level on some sensitie skin.

Sixth level of skin facial

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngSkin massage

They massage your face with special oils and crème for skin. this work in addition of relaxing, will remove your wrinkles and blood flow too. increasing the blood flow will help skin to give more nutrients.

Seventh level of skin facial

Face mask

They will have face mask on your face based of your skin type and problems you have. Pay attention that during the mask time, the facial personals should be inside of you and give you massage and relaxing.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(32).pngThe last parts of skin facial

•in this part, they will care your skin by toner, serum, watering, sun block crème. They will give you some suggest for you go home.

•Facial services are in beauty salons and massage in some clinics. Their price is related to the materials and brand that they use.

•Try to have 4 times skin facial in a year and if you feel your skin need more session is not bad. But it can hurts your skin more than one time in a month.

Amazing Benefits Of Facial

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