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10 harmful food and drink for the skin

Harmful foods for skin

Worst Foods For Your Skin ,The foods and drinks that we use are so effective for skin. The researches shows that the healthy foods and drinks are so effective for skin treatment. The foods that are full of protein like fish, vegetables, are great for skin. At last, eating the foods that has no protein are harmful for skin.

If you think that you are sensitive to some categories of food, go to a skin doctor to treatment and found your problem.


Using alcohol so much cause lots of problems on your health, that one of them is on skin. Because alcohol cause to damage our water in body. The less body water cause the dry skin and get old soon.


You know the effect of using salt so much on your heart, but did you know that using salt a lot cause the pouf on your eyes and Bloating. So do not use a lot.


Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee in a day, will increase the stress hormone name cortisol, that makes your face weak.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngFried food

Using the fried potato and full fat foods, will reduce your blood flow. Reducing the blood flow will cause the open pores skin. And as you know the open pore skin will collect the pollution and cause the acne.


Every one know that sugar will make you fat, but in addition of making fat, we can say that it will make your Safety system weak. And it let the bacteria enters to your body and have lots of acne on your skin.


Using so much of dairy will cause to have acne. Also can make mocus on body. That make bacteria in body. And in some body can increase their body fat and make acne on skin.

Crab and Shrimp

Using the foods that has Iodine a lot, like crabs and shrimps, can make acne too. but by using in long time, your body will have used and have not acne.


White bread and pastas

Using the white bread and pasta and macaroni and cake can make acne too.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngJunk foods

Maybe it is interesting for you that using junk foods and fried potato because they have no nutrients for body can make skin problems. Lots of them has sugar and Iodine.

Artificial enhancers

Some of the food color that we see in cans, they have no nutrients and they will make some sensitive. It is worry that the body will have problem with this materials.

Worst Foods For Your Skin

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