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Treatment of acne with garlic

Acne treatment

There are lots of people that they are searching for a acne treatment. As we know the benefits of garlic for foods and health, garlic has benefits for skin and hair too. acne will happen for everyone in every ages, but the treatments are different.

Does garlic has effect on acne treatment?

•It is so good because of the antibacterial extract that it has.

•Garlic by this extract will fight with all the free radical and open pores.

•Garlic because of having the alicin extract, can remove the bacteria that makes acne.

•By eating garlic in the morning , make your safety system of body so powerful.

•Garlic has Anti inflammatory extract, can cure the res stings, pain, …

•For having more healthy skin, eat garlic. Garlic by increasing the blood flow can has effect on skin health.

•The acne treatment can be done by garlic.

•Garlic has Sulfur, and can cure the acne and dry sting skin.

•Garlic is full of vitamins and mineral and can cure the acne.

•Garlic increase the Insulin production.

The ways of treatment of acne with garlic

Crush the garlic

Garlic can be found in every houses. pick 1 or 2 cube of garlic and crush them and rub the crush garlic on the places. You will have Itching after 5 or 6 minutes. Wash this place after 6 minutes.

Garlic with rose water

The mix of garlic and rose water is great for having a soft and better skin. You need crush garlic and 1 or 2 spoon of rose water. Mix them and rub on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash.

Garlic with honey

Everyone knows that honey is in every masks. The mix of honey and garlic will be great. Mix the crush garlic and honey and fresh lemon juice. And rub on acnes for 15 minutes. Then wash the place.

Garlic with Indian mango

Indian mango can help to the whitening skin and increase the blood flow and cure the acne. For this mask you need the crush mango and garlic. Mix them. Rub for 10 minutes and wash.


Garlic with Whey

Whey has lots of benefits for our body but when it mix with garlic can cure the acne. We need Whey , honey, garlic, mix them. Rub for 10 minutes and then wash.

Garlic with tooth brush

Tooth brush because has Salicylic acid, will dry the stings and acnes. Mix the garlic and toothbrush and rub from night to morning.

Garlic with Aspirin

Mix 2 Aspirin with garlic and rub on skin for 10 minutes and then wash.

Garlic and coconut oil

Coconut oil has antibacterial extract that can make a mask with garlic. wash after 10to 15 minutes.

Garlic scrub

This scrub is made by crush garlic , sugar, olive oil. Rub for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash.

Garlic with apple vinegar

The apple vinegar will balance the PH of skin and when mix by the garlic will be good. Rub on skin for 10 minutes.

Garlic with aloevera and honey

Aloevera is so good for skin, but when it mix with garlic will be better. Keep 10 minutes on skin.

Garlic and yellow chub

Yellow chub and tea tree is so good for acnes. With garlic, yellow chub  and some drops of oil make a mask and keep 20 minutes on skin.

Garlic with white egg and honey

This is good for old people and keep 10 minutes on skin

Garlic and mashed tomato

Tomato has lots of mineral and vitamins

That mix by honey and garlic can be so great and keep 15 minutes on skin.

Garlic and milk

garlic is important because of lactic acids. And by mixing with milk will be good and keep this mask for 10 to 15 minutes on skin.

Garlic and lemon juice

Lemon juice use in lots of skin problems and the mix with garlic will be good and keep for 10 minutes on skin.

Garlic oil

If you do not use garlic, use the almond or garlic oil. Garlic and almond has lots of extract and this mix will have effect from night to morning.

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