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Natural skin scrubs

Avoid dry skin by natural scrubs

There are lots of effective reasons for dry skin. The hot weather and the hot place to live can make your skin dry. Also the cold weather can remove the moisture of skin and make skin dry. So the scrubs can avoid to have a dry skin. As you know some scrubs are natural and some other are chemical.

Introducing the natural scrubs

Lemon and sugar skin scrubs

Lemon has a good smell and maybe it is because of that all people like this scrub. And in addition all the ingredients of this scrub is available for all persons and it is enough to mix some sugar and oil and olive oil and lemon juice to have this scrub. You should rub this scrub on your face and wait to dry and after wash your face to have a more shiny skin face.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngSkin lavender and sugar scrub

For having this scrub is enough to crash some dry lavender leaves and add by some sugar. But is better to have this dough with lavender oil and almond oil. You can rub this mix on your skin or put it in bath.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngPumpkin skin scrub

For keeping your shiny skin, you can use this scrub. For making this scrub you need some brown sugar, mashed pumpkin and vitamin e oil. Sugar take layer and vitamin e is suitable for moisture and freshness of skin. Pumpkin is full of antioxidant and can make your skin more shiny.

Water rose and mint skin scrub

The mix of water rose and mint can be so good for skin and hair and their scrub can be so good for shiny and rejuvenation skin. Its enough to mix some fresh rose water and some mint leaves and rub on your skin.


Orange and Chondro scrub

The mix of orange and Chondro can be so good for rejuvenation skin. And by adding some sugar and almond oil you can have a great natural skin scrub.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngCoffee skin scrub

As it is visible from its name, this scrub is made by coffee powder and honey, coconut oil and coconut extract. This scrub is antibacterial and anti sensitive and has good smell.

Avakado and oat

This scrub is good for skin, and also can be eaten. For making this is enough to mix some oat and Avakado and rub on your face.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngSugar and mint scrub

In this scrub we use the mint and raw sugar. As the sugar is a good take layer, is great for skin.

Coconut and Jasmine

This scrub has a good smell and has so benefits for skin. And for making this you should mix some Jasmine , coconut extract and white sugar.

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