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Paraffin therapy 


Paraffin therapy is one of the skin care treatments that done on spa. That helps to rejuvenation of skin and make skin more fresh and moisture.

Steps of paraffin therapy training

The first steps for paraffin therapy

At first prepare the paraffin, and keep it in warm place to be ready for use. Get paraffin warm for 15 minutes and then make it warm 4 to 10 minutes to be liquid for use. Don’t forget to use white paraffin for face it is better.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngSecond steps of paraffin therapy

Lay down and cover all hair and ears by towel. It is better to clean your face by a cleanser before paraffin therapy. And clean all oil and pollution on your face.

Third steps for paraffin therapy

Put 2 cotton pads on your customer eyes.

Fourth steps of paraffin therapy

Make paraffin out of the heater and open the lock. Pay attention that paraffin should be liquid and not be warm.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngThe fifth parts of paraffin therapy

Put the paraffin spray from 5 cm to your skin and its head should be down. And make the customers round face spray by paraffin. Be careful that make spray in way that after make paraffin strong, will separate easy. Then spray on other places.

Sixth step of paraffin therapy

Do the fifth steps on other side of customer face. if you want you can use your finger and push the paraffin so good.



Seventh step of paraffin therapy

In this level , cover your customer face by a sterile gauze.

Eighth step of paraffin therapy

Again spray another thick layer on sterile gauze.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngNinth step of paraffin therapy

give your customer nose by your finger and spray the paraffin around the lips and nose. Pay attention to spray from up to down. To be in control better.

Tenth step of paraffin therapy

You can put paraffin out after 10 minutes. For this you can give a side of mask and move them up.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngEleventh step of paraffin therapy

Pay attention to separate the paraffin in one mask to keep moisture and softness so good.

Twelfth step of paraffin therapy

Use a mild cleanser again and clean all remind paraffin. Also suggest all essential rules and masks for avoid to have stings.

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