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Step by step training nail manicure

Nail manicure at home

Nails beauty is important nowadays, and women spend lots of money for designing their nail. One of the ways for making nail beautiful is manicure.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).pngFirst level: equipment for nail manicure at home


•Nail buffer

•Nail scissors

•Cuticle Scissors

•Cotton Pieces

•Nail polish remover

•Nail file

•Nail polish

•Hand crème

•Base coat

•Top coat


Second level: preparation for nail manicure

1: for making your work easier, put your hand on a cotton to not make dirty.

2: with nail polish remover, clean all remind nail polish from before. For this you can use cotton and nail polish remover.

3: after removing your nail polish, is term to swallow nails. For this at first cut your nails in suitable size and after Swallow nails by nail file in good shape.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31)4: after you shaped your nail by nail file, is the Surface on the nail term. For making your nail so flatten use nail buffer, but be careful to not use so much.


5: put warm water and soap in a bowl and keep your nail in it. This helps to remove the dead skin of nails and remove the dirty of nails. And you can clean your nail by a nail brush.

6: after cleaning your nails, dry them and move the cuticle backward. Pay attention for making cuticle you should not cut it. Because cutting the skin of nails cause some disease and problems for nails.

For this , you can use a Clamp to separate your fingers and make cuticle good.

7: in this part, rub the hand crème on your hand skin and nails and massage. If you have a dry skin , is better to use a moisture. So wait half hour and wash your hands and nails with different washer.


BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(31).png8: before nail polish you should do:


•Rub base coat on your nail to keep your nail health and your nail polish will last in long time.

•Its base on your nail polish, sometimes you should use some layer to catch your color.

•Clean your nail polish inside of your nails.

Attention: using moisture is so important for your nail health. So as you use moisture for your skin face, should use on your nails to keep them healthy.

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