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Different ways to crush eyelash without eyelash curler


Steps Of Curly Eyelash Naturally ,If you have problem with eyelash curler, don’t worry. We want to introduce some natural effective ways to have long eyelash.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pngyit.pngMake your eyelash curly with mascara

1: At first move the eyelash brush to up to lift all your eyelash up.

2: Keep the eyelash brush on your eyelash growth line for some seconds and lift your eyelash up.

3: Pick your eyelash to down slowly to make your eyelash curly.

4: Let mascara get dry, and again repeat.

yuikh.pngMake your eyelash curly with spoon

1: Choose a slim spoon.

2: Put the spoon under the hot water. But be careful to not make spoon too hot to burnt your skin.

3: Put hot spoon behind your eyes and move eyelash from growth line in spoon side.

4: Push eyelash good in spoon.

5: Rub mascara in this situation and let eyelash be in this mode for some seconds.

6: When eyelash are wet yet, comb your eyelash slowly.



Make your eyelash curly with toothbrush

•At first put a clean toothbrush on a glass of hot water and wait some minutes.

•Push the extra water of toothbrush and dry it with towel.

•Use the hot tooth brush to lift your eyelash up and keep them in this position for some minutes.

•If you didn’t reach the result, do it again.

opo.pngMaking your eyelash curly with finger

•At first wash your hand with hot water and dry.

•Then rub your small finger on your palm so quickly to get warm.

•Close your eyes and move your eyelash down with the warm finger and massage it to your eyebrow slowly. Keep your finger for some seconds.

•Repeat this for some to catch the result. Then rub 2 layer mascara.


If you want to use eyelash curler yet, for reducing the harmful effects, at first clean your eyelash so good, open your eyes completely, stick the down part of eyelash curler to your eyelash growth line.

Then close the eyelash curler slowly and move it up.

Pay attention that eyelash curler and hand should be up.

Avoid to shake and be fix for some seconds

Then separate the eyelash curler with a shake. Then rub mascara and avoid to use eyelash curler every day.


If you have to used using the eyelash curler, use the natural oil for strengthening your eyelash every night.

Steps Of Curly Eyelash Naturally

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