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Proper Facial Massage Training

Your face has movement as your body during day and its muscle stretch like for laughing, chewing, .. and it is good to have massage and rest sometimes to reduce stress and muscles pressure. How To Wash Face Correctly

At first prepare your skin for massage

At first wash your face with antibacterial soap and warm water. And separate your hair with a hat from your face. Before massage clean your face skin. For this you can use a mild foam cleansing. For having good result you should Steam your face to open all your skin pores.

sdgg.pngCare skin with face massage

Face massage can avoid the face wrinkle and make your skin young .you can do some simple act on morning and night to massage your skin at your home. Even you can massage your face with your cleaners or moisture to have the massage benefits in a same time.

ert.pngUse the suitable massage products

Face massage cause the skin to be ready for giving materials better. The hand heat and massage cause the skin give better the materials, and it is a great time to use natural and good serum and oils based on your skin type. At first put some drops of serum or oil on your hand and massage it in your hand to get warm and then rub on your face.

Can use the special massage equipment

You can use the special massage equipment in addition of your finger, to have best result. Like the Massage rollers, and Jade stone rollers has rejuvenation and remove the wrinkles of skin.


Face massage and Lymphatic drainage

If you want to make your skin more strengthen, you should rub your face more strong and do rotational movements on your skin. But if you have an oily or sensitive skin, avoid to massage strong. Another benefits of massage is to Lymphatic drainage in face and forehead and we know them as Sinusitis. Lymphatic are a place to collecting the white cell of blood and in them, the mucus is collected and it cause pain on forehead. Face massage is a great way to empty the Lymphatic. This work in addition of emptying your Lymphatic, can improve your Safety system of body.

BestLifeFacts-thumbnail-(30).pnges.pngDon’t massage under your eyes

The under eyes skin has a sensitive skin and should not have massage and pressure. If you want to have massage in this place, you should massage so slowly with your index finger from Duct to down. Also you can use the under wyes cream as you are massaging.

How to massage your face

1: Put some drop of serum or oils of massage on your hand and massage your hands together.

2: Put your fingers between your eyebrow and move up to your forehead. Do it so many times.

3: Put your finger in middle of your face and move to ears.

4: Go few down and draw a line from middle of your face to jaw.

5: Massage the neck to up direction.

How To Wash Face Correctly

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